A Little Rain Never Hurt Anyone!

I had a little time before heading home to fix supper this evening so I ventured over to the neighboring neighborhood lake to see if I could catch Friday’s lenten supper. Under a light drizzle, I worked the bank for about a half hour. I had told myself that I would only keep a half dozen sacalait for a meal and the good Lord obliged me. 🙂  I found the fish all in one spot near some downed limbs and they all ate a size 8 chartreuse and black fluff butt under a VOSI. On the way back to the car, I was stopped by the neighborhood “rent-a-cop,” who informed me that the lake wasn’t actually MY neighborhood lake. I have two very good friends who told me that if ever I got stopped, to tell the officer that I was their guest. Well, the guy didn’t buy that. Even when I told him I was a guest of the guy who actually built the neighborhood, he kindly asked me to leave. Oh well, it was good while it lasted. Next time, I’ll park in my buddy’s driveway and launch my kayak in the lake.

3:11:15 sacalait

Warmwater slam

I received a text from my cousin’s husband that he caught three sacalait and a couple of bream on some fluff butts that I tied for him a while back. He asked me for some more because he was down to his last fly and it was pretty ragged. I told him I would tie a few more for him and I’d throw in a few chartreuse and black crappie candy flies if I could go over to his house and field test them with him. 🙂

I showed up at his house around 5 PM and after a short visit with them, I launched my kayak in their pond/lake and proceeded to educate some fish to the fly rod!   I then proceded to catch a warm water slam…a bass, a sacalait (crappie for you guys not from south Louisiana), and a red-ear sunfish (chinquapin). Also, for good measure, I managed to catch a bluegill too. All were caught on the fire tiger popper or the crappie candy. My totals for the day were 7 bass, one sacalait, 6 chinquapin, and a bluegill.  I probably lost about five bass due to poor hook sets and fumbling with the camera. What a great afternoon of relaxation and fishing. After we fished we were treated to some awesome New Orleans red beans and rice.


Big bass of the day


The only female (I think)







Neil’s big sacalait


My 2013 Fly-rod Challenge

As year 2013 comes to a close, I can finally post results from my fly-rod species challenge for 2013. My personal challenge to myself for this year was to catch and feature a different species of fish for each month of the year. In order to do this, I knew I would have to do a lot more fishing and target enough species so that I could save my most frequently caught fish for the “lean” months when it would be difficult to target fish on the fly, especially during the hot months and those where work, weather conditions, and family obligations would not allow me to get on the water. After this past Saturday’s trip to a local pond with good friends and fellow fly fishermen, “Catch” Cormier and Steve Robert, I was able to catch a Louisiana rainbow trout on the fly. Each year, around Christmas, our local recreation department stocks several local ponds with these “rainbeauxs” as we like to call them down here. I only caught two on woolly buggers but I enjoyed the morning with two great fishermen and friends. ImageImage

So, here are the results of my personal fly fishing challenge:

January – choupic (bowfin)
February – sheepshead
March – sacalait (crappie)
April – black drum
May – bluegill
June – garfish
July – redear sunfish
August – hardhead catfish
September – redfish
October – largemouth black bass
November – Speckled Trout
December – Rainbow Trout

Photos of these fish can be found on previous blog entries.

As for my challenge for next year? I don’t know. I may try a repeat of this year’s challenge. I thought about a bass/redfish per month challenge, or even to try to land a new species on the fly. I have yet to catch a flounder or a jack cravelle on the fly. I would like to do a cold water weekend too this year and target some wild trout. I also want to catch a redfish over 30 inches on the fly too…oh, and yes, I have a big wedding coming up this year in October! It’s going to be a challenge to get to fish when my daughter is in town…hum…sounds like I need to take her with me. 🙂

Found the Sacalait!

3:18:13 Flyrod sacalait

I’ve been on a quest to catch some sacalait (crappie) on my fly rod this month to keep up with my different species goal. I have not been successful and time is running out, with a salt water event this weekend and a trip to Houston planned next weekend. So, I made it out to a neighborhood pond and caught these. I kept 9 and released 3. I also picked up a few bream and caught one 15 inch bass (released). All sacalait were caught on a black and chartreuse fluff butt.